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Consulting Studio​

The consulting studio is the resource of dreams for founders and small to medium businesses, where we provide end to end project based consulting and advisory support in relation to Strategy, Transformation and Change, Business Turnaround, CFO Advisory and Technology.

Acting as an independent party and trusted advisor, founders and executives are able to speak openly and freely about business challenges and opportunities, receiving unbiased and objective solutions in return.


At Carter Seven we are well positioned to help you achieve long-term sustainable success, which aligns with your capabilities, systems and value proposition.

  • A focus on long-term viability and stability
  • An approach to growth that is holistic, intentional and strategic
  • Aligning growth initiatives with existing capabilities

Some companies adopt a scattered approach, attempting to pursue growth in multiple areas simultaneously, involving entering different markets, launching various products and implementing diverse growth strategies. The consequences are that growth strategies often lead to a dispersion of resources allocated across a broad spectrum.

Our approach encourages the importance of strategic focus carefully selecting and prioritizing growth strategies that, align with a company’s strengths, delivers a clear customer value proposition and seeks out market opportunities.

Operations & Organizational Transformation

Alignment of a business’s strategy and operating model is crucial to ensure a business is tailored to serve its objectives optimally.

Key challenges to overcome:

  • Business units and functions often may prioritize their own goals over the broader objectives
  • Resources may not be efficiently utilised or tracked
  • Implementation of strategic goals may be a struggle
  • A culture of dismissive accountability

An operating model is a foundational element that shapes behaviour, process workflow, IT decisions and investment choices and as such its design and alignment are critical to avoid an extremely challenging bridge between Strategy and execution.

Coordination and concentration of resources is of paramount importance, so we take an holistic approach, considering, people, culture, processes, governance structure and technology to create a cohesive framework that propels an organization towards its strategic objectives, ensuring an aligned and adaptable operating model. 

In addition, we can lead your end-to-end organizational transformation effort with a results orientated approach built on team collaboration and ongoing development.

CFO Advisory

The Chief financial officer role is dynamic and evolving, underpinned with complexities and ongoing change in a fast-paced business environment.

At Carter Seven we have in depth experience of collaborating with senior finance leaders and have a practical understanding of the challenges and opportunities encountered in real world financial leadership. 

Our advice and expertise is founded on an owner operator mindset and covers all aspects of the finance function, from Financial Control to Business Advisory and Data Analytics.

  • Cost & Profit Management
  • Financial Closing & Consolidation Management
  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Strategic Performance Management Report Design
  • Finance Function Diagnosis and Transformation

The owner operator model ensures the CFO is well placed to deliver financial leadership, insights and partnership with the business, underpinned by a robust control environment and compliance.

Technology Management, Data Analytics & AI

In todays fast paced and constantly changing business landscape with an increasing array of options, choosing the right solutions at the right time can ensure your business has the foundation to scale.

Key challenges to overcome:

  • Ineffectiveness resulting from manual and time-consuming processes and workflows impeding productivity and inflating operational costs
  • Insufficient transparency, siloed departments and collaboration challenges
  • Inadequate analytics and insight

We help clients make and implement informed decisions through customized strategic roadmaps, change management and project management. Our approach ensures we create business value and optimize performance.

Restructuring & Business Recovery

Disruptions or slowing performance necessitates the need to undergo significant changes in a business’s structure and operations to combat adversity. Our approach ensures holistic and impactful change.

We take a thoughtful and purposeful approach to tackling an evolving business landscape  with a focus on comprehensive reviews and realignment of financial and operational elements.

Our advisors provide leadership to explain all available options with speed and certainty, taking into account critical factors in navigating disruptions effectively while emphasizing the urgency and decisiveness required in implementing strategic changes to recover value.