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A line about the solutions.

Our ventures pillar is the part of our business where we enable exciting and ambitious startups to reach their full potential. Working in a true partnership with entrepreneurs, co-creating and executing on their ideas to build, launch and grow a business.

We maximise the chances of success, through providing sound strategic advice, owner-operator best practices and financial expertise.  

For many startups, access to capital will be critical and there is arguably no greater acid test for the viability of your business than being able to secure equity investors.  At Carter Seven we lead clients through a proven process of investment readiness, resulting in a more compelling investment proposal, increasing the odds of securing investment.  

We are your Co-pilot on the journey to build your vision. 

Finance Advisory & Strategy Execution

We provide the right partnership covering key components of the venture lifecycle ensuring a strong foundation and collaboration from idea generation to conceptualization.

The key to ensuring a solid foundation for sustainable growth emphases a broad spectrum of coverage.

Finance Advisory

Financial Strategy & Advisory

  • Monetization Model Review & Recommendation 
  • Pricing and margin management 
  • Financial strategies to drive long term value creation
  • Multi-round Fundraising Strategy / Roadmap

Investor Relations

  • Develop best-in-class investor relations reporting and communications
  • Ongoing advisory support, from a seasoned professional with extensive experience operating at the C-Suite and Board of Director level


  • Investment Readiness 
  • 5 Year Financial Model and Unit Economics
  • Company Valuation & Cap Table Planning
  • Investment Memorandum

Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

  • Strategy formulation & evaluation
  • Go to market roadmap
  • Milestone measurement 
  • Operating model diagnosis & effectiveness
  • Management system & team build

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